Our Infrastructure

Includes optimal facilities for the development of our activities.







Our Facilities

Loading and unloading at floor and platform levels.

25,200 square feet.

Equipped with 4 platforms for load and unload trailer.

Controlled access.

Monitoring in closed circuit, interior and exterior.

24 hour security.

Production Equipment

We have specialized equipment to provide quick turnaround, such as presses, guillotines, paper folding machines, perfect binders, and perforators.
We have lines of automatic and manual shrink wrappers to guarantee the, integrity of inserts and labels during the packing process.
Our installed capacity will produce over 14 million inserts and labels per month.

Logistics and Distribution

Delivery at customer's plant.

Delivery of products using Kanban system.

Satellite monitoring of the delivery units.

Personalized service to report the status of orders.

Execute your ideas

with us.