Grupo Industrial Baca, support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are focused on keeping our employees safe, as we work to provide our products that are essential in the supply chain for the majority of our medical and food industry customers.

At Grupo Industrial Baca, we always care about our collaborators and clients, that is why we have implemented a series of prevention measures, such as:

Risk mitigation within the company
Pedestrian disinfection tunnel
Among others…

Covid-19 Pedestrian Disinfection Tunnel.

A newly and effective rapid disinfection system, which guarantees maximum sanitary control with minimum water consumption.
Its function is to provide protection through comprehensive disinfection, for the benefit of our employees.
The implementation of this equipment allows us to protect our workers when entering and leaving the company premises.
The mechanism of action of the tunnel is by a method of a micro-spray system, making contact with the skin and clothing.
In this way, the entry of viruses, fungi and bacteria that people could carry in the body and clothing is prevented.

Letters received from our clients regarding the need of our support in their supply chain.